New Wine for New Wineskins:  Making History Together

Dear leaders in Christ’s Church:
Would you pray with me? We have an amazing opportunity in the upcoming months to develop relationships, laugh together, grow together and love more amazingly than ever before! Please pray with me for our Lord to lead us, and especially to lead us in some intentional formation we are planning in January. You are invited and I’m hoping you will prioritize attending the next of our New Wine for New Wineskins:  Making History Together.
Come for breakfast and being part of a conversation led by Morgan Stafford, our Cross-Cultural Strategist from the Bishop’s office. More details will follow, but basically this is a continuation of conversation already started about how best to partner together.  Additionally the NEEC (Nashville Evangelical Ethiopian Church) also plans to participate. Your voice is very important on this day!
If you work on Saturdays and are unable to attend, let me know if you wish to  get together with me ahead of this meeting so that your voice will still be part of the day. I want as many of you as have willing hearts to participate!
Celebrating the Lord in Advent, Christmas and beyond be part of all our Worship times, especially inviting people to Candlelight Christmas Eve Worship at 7:00 at Andrew Price highlighting Andrew Price and Hickory Bend leading Worship together.

Grace and peace! Melisa+